Hornplayers Family Tree
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Welcome to the web site of the "Hornplayers family tree" project.
The goal of the Hornplayers Family Tree is to create an overview of the "artistic descent" of hornplayers. Every hornplayer is via his or her teacher, or teachers, a descendant of the horn school where this teacher has studied. In this way, we all have inherited the traditions of the generations of hornplayers before us. And we share this heritage with all other hornplayers who studied with the same teachers as we. Maybe we can hear a resemblance in the way teachers and their students play? Or maybe there are national or international horn schools that meet in the orchestras?
This web site tries to answer those questions, but that is only possible with your help. Click the button Submit information above, to send information about your horn teachers, about orchestras in which you play, or have played, and about the schools at which you studied, to the Hornplayers Family Tree. Then you can use the buttons Hornplayers, Schools and Orchestras to look up your own place in the family tree of hornplayers.
For more information about the Hornplayers Family Tree please contact Chrit van Rijt (hornblower@voorjeneus.nl).